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The Practitioner

Louisa Nufield

I'm a body therapist and healing mentor who is very dedicated to keeping your body and my own body optimally movable. I feel distressed when people live with pain or diminished well-being because they've been injured, whether by car, or by sports, by surgery, or any kind of repetitive use. For thirty years I've studied and practiced nearly every kind of healing modality that promises to, not just give pain relief and relaxation, but how to actually liberate us from new or old injury. Now, I not only use my hands to detect where and what your condition is, and how to repair and reverse the damage, I can show you how to do my protocol for your family. Safe, Gentle, and effective touch skills are not just for professional therapists; such skills are possible for parents, coaches, caregivers, and kids to learn. All you need is a heart, some specific knowledge, and a somatic touch practice that empties your mind and calms your muscles. You, too, can make a difference for someone who needs a hand or two.